By Published On: July 3rd, 2023Categories: Civil Site Design, Corridor EZ, Latest News

In Civil Site Design V24.10, the Model Builder Edit/Trim by Selection & Group forms received an update which can have a significant impact on selecting sections for trimming models.

Currently, adding new trim locations where sample lines are not present requires the user to manually pick the start location and end location using the Add Extra Section button. This process requires each chainage to be picked separately.

The ‘Add Regions’ button, found on both forms, enables users to pick the start and end chainage positions on screen in a single operation and immediately have those positions added to the Extra Sections list.

Image of model builder workfow with Add Region

In our recent Model Builder 101 webinar, we highlighted the current procedure of selecting start & end chainages manually. This improvement can streamline the picking process and save users time on large models.

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